Okay, so you've gotten to this page. Now, you want to know what mServe is, and what makes it so wonderful. Right?

1. mServe is an MP3 player
"So what?", you think. Well, it isn't just that, as you soon will see:

2. mServe is plugin based
Well, there's quite a lot of plugin based software out there. That does not, however, mean that it is any less nice. New input file formats, output devices, integrated HTTP support, all added in a snap.

3. mServe is network controlled
All server operation is performed through a client, over the network. Most administrational tasks of the server is (will be) possible to perform through the network interface, so that the mServe server can be put in a little black box under the amplifier.

The documentation section contains some useful info. After downloading, building and installing you will have lots of more fun when you have read the docs.


The initial release, version 0.1, of mServe has been released on sourceforge and freshmeat. Download here Logo